Mayor & Board of Aldermen

City Mayor 
In 1847 the City was named Owensville. The City of Owensville was incorporated in 1911 as a Fourth Class City. The City of Owensville is governed by the Mayor, a four member city council and a city Administrator.  The Mayor is elected at large for a two year term.  Council members are elected  from two wards for a two year term on a alternating basis. The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council.

If you need to speak with the Mayor, please call for an appointment.

The Mayor's term is for 2 years  

Mayor, John Kamler
Mayor, John Kamler (Term: 2020-2022)
Office phone: (573) 437-2812
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Board of Aldermen

The City of Owensville is governed by a Mayor as well as other elected officials known as the Board of Aldermen. The Aldermen are made up of four officials, representing two wards that serve two-year terms.  The Ward one area is north of Lincoln Avenue to the North City Limits and Ward two area is located south of Lincoln avenue to the South City Limits.


Alderman Ward 1 (Term: April 2022-2024)

Cathy Lahmeyer
Office phone: 573-437-2812
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Alderman Ward 1 (Term : April 2023-2024)

Kevin McFadden- President of the Board
Office phone: (573) 437-2812
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Alderman Ward 2 (Term: April 2022-2024)

Denise Bohl
Office phone: (573) 437-2812
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Alderman Ward 2 (Term: April 2023-2025)

Matt Kramme
Office phone: (573) 437-2812
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