Building Codes

The City of Owensville has adopted ordinances to control orderly growth within the city limits.  All electric, plumbing, and general construction require a building permit.  Any building being erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, moved or structurally altered must meet these requirements.  Those who are planning any such work should contact the Zoning Officer well in advance of construction.

The City of Owensville has also adopted and requires all construction to meet with International Building Codes, 2003.  Before you start any construction contact the Building Inspector at the information below to see if a permit is needed.

Control is exercised upon the location of any structure within the boundary lines of the lot.  The ordinance also allows the city to control vehicles, rubbish, and/or any other substance which is detrimental to the surrounding properties.

Contact City Hall at 437-2812 to schedule your next inspection with our Building Code Official.

City Administrator

Archer Engineer/ Travis Hernandez
Office phone: (573) 437-2812
Office fax: (573) 437-5812
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